Settlin in

Settlin in

At work earlier today…

I left work today feeling really jazzed about- of all things- paperwork. SNI-Koder, F-skatt, VAT, Moms, invoicing & more.

When I started freelancing in Bavaria in 2011, I was fortunate to have the complete assistance of a very savvy & practical local business woman. She was both a friend, a client & a very kind soul, volunteering to handle all my business paperwork (which would have taken me ages to translate & figure out).

A few years later, when we moved back to the States, I registered my business & did bookings here & there but was a stay at home mom & happy to set entrepreurial goals aside for a good while. I did work on a lot of creative projects during that time though as well as launch my editorial portfolio…

Now here we are & I’m ready. This is essentially the first time I’m really developing my business in all aspects on my own, complete with A-ha moments, frustration, uncertainty & excitement. Ready for all the nitty gritty- the ‘enskild firma’ seminars at Skatteverket, not only translating forms but simply understanding them in Swedish, the satisfaction of having the legal & mundane aspects of your creative work well organized.

My business plan & marketing is now developing to include my voice work as well as journalistic & editorial services.

Being a creative & media freelancer means so much to me. It is my path & my craft, the thing I could do seven days a week & not view as ‘work’.

This move for my family was a fresh start but also ‘hard reset’. Getting my business registered last month was just the beginning. I’m looking forward to what the seasons will bring.