One more time NYC....

One more time NYC….

Our train to NYC was at 2:09 pm. It was very crowded on the train so I parked the stroller in a corner and my son and I went to the cafe on board. There was a table where one guy was sitting and I asked him if we can share and he said ok. Next to us was a friendly dad and his son who invited my son to play with his great portable train set which the two boys did for the entirety of the two hour train ride as I had a great multi layered chat with his dad. 

 It was a very late train to take for just a day trip.  I realized that as we pulled into Penn Station around 4 pm. But I also felt like the train ride alone was worth it for the adventure. Immediately when we got off at the train station I was struck by how many polite and helpful people we crossed paths with, helping me hold the stroller on the escalator, holding doors open as they saw I had a child etc. I asked someone to take a photo of Hunter and I right when we emerged from the train station. I was already overcome with great emotion, knowing this would probably be my last time in NYC for a while. Both my husband and I have been consistently drawn to living in NYC region and I think it was emotional for me to go visit and know that we were moving on to other plans. Plus it was raining which I love. I went to one of my favorite cafes, Jivamuktea by Union Square, and the head chef who I interviewed last year and photographed was there. I ordered a meal and he also gave me soup on the house and a taster of their new spicy tempeh and we chatted about all sorts of stuff as my son slept in his stroller and I ate.

After that, my son and I headed outside again and walked through dark, drizzly city evening to Grand Central Station to catch an MTA express back to CT.


Hunter’s new friend on the train gave him a Chugginton train & 10 Swiss francs to buy a little toy whenever we travel to Switzerland.



5 minutes into a rainy NYC afternoon I was already tearing up. I will dearly miss visiting you NYC.

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One more meal at Jivamuktea cafe. Nutritious delicious. Often my 1st stop when I visit NYC.


So long for now New York City.  Until next time. We will miss you.