Post Election Day Thoughts

Post Election Day Thoughts

Today I felt less on edge than I thought I would about the election results. My hope is that now the Republican party, which has spent a great deal of energy the last several years being uncooperative, negative and petty- can take the baton, stop whining and get busy. This is their opportunity to put their ideas in action for America and I’m genuinely curious to see how it will go as well as really hopeful that a lot of the more hateful aspects we saw during the election do not become a cornerstone of a Republican strong government.

I also think that this great disappointment for the Dems will make for an interesting and potentially very strategic lead up to 2020.

I watch ALL news and am very excited to see, across channels, a lot of very interesting and reflective discussion about how we will move forward as a nation.

A little over 13 years ago I was living in Berlin and working on a portrait project of American expats there called “Concepts of Allegiance”. The project is unfinished and perhaps will be interesting to revisit. Best wishes America- may we move forward with more healing, less hate; more constructive dialogue & less nonsense & bickering; more solutions & problem solving instead of finger pointing. As Americans we’re all in this, no matter where on Earth we may be!

Photo: At remnants of the Berlin Wall, 2003