American Life

American Life

My America is a Sunday with strong coffee, the newspaper & jazz, followed by a drive on the open road.  My America is many cultures, many people all sharing the same sidewalk, all calling that community home. My America is curious, progressive, determined- innovative & innately optimistic.

My America is also NPR, PBS, blues, country music, hip hop, classic rock & more. It’s Main Street and Big City. It’s millions of people with a deep sense of place and being rooted as much as it is millions who, like me, move frequently & whose lives are marked more by adaptability than place allegiance.

I was born & raised in this country.  I’ve studied & worked in this country, married & had a child in this country. I’ve lived in 12 states in the USA and 18 of her cities. I’ve seen a lot of this country & want to see more.

I have my hopes, grumbles and concerns about this country, like many other citizens. What I pray for the most with this coming election is that no matter the result, we can activate even more healing & open dialogue; instead  of fueling hateful rhetoric & bipartisan bickering, focusing collectively & individually on improving lives & society. You don’t have to be a parent to think generationally & imagine what our country, our world, may look like in coming years based on our actions now.

I pray that no matter the outcome this week, I will always remember what it is I deeply value about this country & work towards contributing to that positive, beautiful & interesting America, historic wounds & all. That is the America I want to share with my son.