1st Halloween

My son’s 1st Halloween last night!

It wasn’t planned, totally spontaneous. He has no awareness of Halloween or the existence of candy (my husband and I do eat sweets but thus far little one has been completely disinterested in anything candy or cake like).

As is often the case, around 18:30 his energy was boundless- beyond giddy. Funny in a way, but overwhelming to deal with at home sometimes. So it being Halloween and sidewalk activity picking up with trick or treaters, I decided on the spot to just get us dressed for the cool night and head out for a while.

He held my hand and marched me down the nearby main street for about 8 blocks before allowing me to steer us right a couple blocks into more residential environs, where he also then required that I carry him.  Then we turned and headed back up through the quiet blocks to our immediate neighborhood. We came upon a couple of blocks with very active Halloween energy and he leapt out of my arms when he saw some other boys running around.

He was the only one not in costume but at some point I called him the “Halloween Hype Man” because he was just so energized, running up and down people’s front staircases and paths with other kids and engaging with everyone who opened the door with glee.  He was completely disinterested in the candy bowls but at some point started taking candy out of baskets only to throw them right back in before turning quickly to run back to the sidewalk and on to the next house.

With some prompting from me he began to say “hello” and “bye bye” to every person who opened the door and kindly offered a treat that he generally ignored.  For him the whole night was about action and engagement.  Running and running with other children and having a moment of “hello” – “bye bye” with the folks opening their doors.

A good night. My boy’s first Halloween.



Almost home.

I didn’t have my camera with me on the walk and as we approached our home my husband met us on the sidewalk so I snapped a couple quick photos with his phone.


Relaxing on our porch after the big walk.

1st Halloween experience for my boy!