Autumn Evening Prayer

Autumn Evening Prayer

I know it’s cold,

but come outside

look at the sky.

Brilliant bolts of sun

between layers of dark clouds.

There’s a scent of fire

and change

on the busy wind.

You asked me when?

Now I pray.

Night drops quick this time of year.


I thought the above words while out walking with my son one evening earlier this week. It was one of those invigoratingly cold, elemental Autumn evenings with moments in the sky that make you stop in awe and take in deep breaths. I pushed my son in his stroller, towards the light- beams of radiating sun between two heaving masses of dark clouds. I had no camera on me on that walk and so for this post I use a sky photo memory from some years ago (Anchorage, AK 2007) that while very different, inspired a similar moment of spirit.