Dad & Son Swim

Dad & Son Swim

Some of my fondest family memories involve a body of water, my son & my husband.  We all love to be by the ocean and swimming in it as well as take dips in great pools . On our recent visit to Washington D.C.,  we stayed at the Fairmont in Georgetown and on our last day there, as I set off for lunch with the area director of Public Relations for the hotel, my husband and son eased into the pool and soon into laps. Initially my son was a little on edge (he is, in general, fairly obsessed with water though), but soon relaxed into his dad’s comfortable hold.  No doubt some great exercise and together time for my loves and I appreciate the tradition we have begun with the wonderful Fairmont brand and enjoying their pools!


Swimming at the Fairmont DC



Pure joy!




In April 2015 I also left my guy at a Fairmont pool before heading off to the hotel’s restaurant to photograph and taste some of their vegan dishes.  This time it was the Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island. We loved that big, gorgeous outdoor pool!


At the Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island- easily one of my favorite photos of my guys.


In March 2015 we enjoyed the Fairmont Kea Lani on Maui and their private beach.  My son was immediately drawn to charging into the ocean.  I enjoyed sitting on the shore and watching my husband protect him from the waves.




 Me observing him observing the waves.

 To these memories and many more of safe, active and fun family water play.