Highlights from New Paltz visit

Highlights from New Paltz visit

We recently went to New Paltz, NY for an overnight trip, inspired by my decision to cover the town’s vegan eats and treats.  I love traveling to explore vegan food and even better when it’s with my husband and son and we have some time to just relax together and enjoy the activity and scenes.


1st stop was Karma Road



I was deliciously full after lunch at Karma Road but then my husband found vegan chili dogs across the street and of course I had to sample those.


My son exploring the nature around Hungry Ghost Guesthouse.





We enjoyed Hasbrouck Park twice during our ~36 hour visit


A memorable homemade breakfast of dosas at Hungry Ghost Guesthouse shortly before we left…


I love trying out various homemade vegan creamers.  At Hungry Ghost, theirs is cashew based & just right- lovely to photograph too!

abc_0879Our last stop before heading home was at Mountain Brauhaus where I had easily one of my favorite entrees EVER: Roasted Local Squash Blossoms stuffed with Local Red Polenta and Local Ronde de Nice Squash stuffed with Farro, with Hakurei Turnips, Chantarelle Mushrooms & Pea-Shallot Sauce. Mmm!  Hungry just thinking about it!

I really enjoyed exploring New Paltz and checking out the vegan food scene.  It is clearly robust and cultivated by many passionate and talented locals.  I am partial to NY in general so if we stick around this region I look forward to revisiting New Paltz and surrounding areas- especially in the thick of Autumn! 

My article on New Paltz will be published later this year.