Portland Vegan Eats: Sweetpea Baking Company & Vegan Mini Mall

Portland Vegan Eats: Sweetpea Baking Company & Vegan Mini Mall

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Food Fight! Vegan Grocery

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Above: Shops at vegan mini mall in SE Portland

Sweetpea Baking Company, Herbivore Clothing, Food Fight! Grocery, Scapegoat Tattoo

One classic grey, rainy Portland morning I headed to the ‘vegan mini mall’ to meet a couple of friends & old classmates. I was excited to see them, relax & chat (as well as the requisite chasing of my toddler whenever we go out to eat) & particularly to do so over baked goodies & coffee at this fantastic all vegan bakery.

I have known the friends I was meeting since 5th grade!!! This morning’s memory lane also took me to more recent times in 2008 when I lived just a couple blocks from this bakery & though not vegan at the time, did frequent Sweetpea’s for coffee as well as neighboring vegan grocer Food Fight for my grocery needs. It’s pretty neat to reflect that even 7 years before my conversion to veganism I was drawn to all vegan establishments for daily eating needs.

But back to this one morning last month in SE Portland, damp & grey- weather I love! It was also perfect conditions to get cozy in a bakery & try out baked goods, both savory & sweet.

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There were so many great looking pastries & breakfast treats to choose from. I settled on a meringue & fruit tart as well as a savory croissant that was actually my favorite, hence why I probably gobbled it up so fast & forgot to photograph it.

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My friend’s delicious cinnamon roll – yes of course I had a bite.

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