Portland Vegan Eats: Paradox Cafe

Portland Vegan Eats: Paradox Cafe

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After a morning of catching up & dialogue with friends over coffee & baked goods at Sweetpea Baking Company last month, we all went to a park for some playtime & then made our way to Paradox Cafe.

Paradox is not a fully vegan establishment but as I browsed through the menu I was astounded by how vegan friendly it is. I immediately liked the cozy neighborhood diner vibe & suppose the combination of diner vibe + super vegan friendly was new to me. I fully embraced it!!

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The Vegan Nachos were my favorite. Our group shared these as an appetizer. If I lived in close proximity to Paradox I have a feeling I’d be in for these nachos with some regularity.

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The Vegan Meatloaf plate was my main dish. I had filled up on nachos & french fries in the appetizer round & so was pretty sated by the time this arrived. I still gave it a shot but preferred the nachos.

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These last three photos are the dishes my friends ordered. Only one of my friends I was dining with that day is vegan but they all ordered off the vegan menu which was awesome. Above & below are The Dan-ver Scramble, the Rogue River Hash & the Spitfire. I had tastes of some- delicious! This diner rocks.

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