Baby Life & Social Media

Baby Life & Social Media

 As a very active user of social media, I definitely was curious about how my social media style & practices might change after having a baby.  Some observations & reflections so far…

The Ultrasound Announcement

Aside, of course, from notifying family & close friends about my pregnancy via email, phone or in person during the first couple of months, a good number of people I knew first heard about it via my “Ultrasound Photo announcement” around the third month of my pregnancy.

I really considered for some moments how best to do it.  Was an ultrasound photo too personal?  Did I perhaps want to wait until the fifth or eighth month…or even simply announce the news after I had baby?

As a photographer who takes photos of people of every age & in so many different stages of life, (and shares these photos on FB), I quickly realized that for me,  an ultrasound photo was not too personal. Even taking the photographer bit out of the equation, I realized that I found nothing weird about this approach actually.  I think it’s a great method, particularly if your goal is to “broadcast” the news to your wider circle in an efficient, concise way (as was my intent).  In my experience, it is also an incredibly fun way to share the news!

 The Pregnancy Selfies

As a visual person who is generally obsessed with media of all sorts, particularly images, I take no real issue with selfies in general.  Sometimes there is simply nobody there to hold the camera phone when you want to capture your own expression, mood,  funny moment, excited glow…whatever! I do believe that the months of pregnancy are best documented by any means necessary, so if this means sometimes holding that camera up to a mirror, I say do it!!!

 My only regret with this one is that I did not take more photos in general or chronicle with more dedication, such as with those month by month selfie photo projects that are very popular (for obvious reasons) for pregnant women in documenting their changing body.

Documenting one’s changing pregnant body is part of the ride & experience to me.  I have family members who also enjoy reflecting on these images of me enjoying various phases of my pregnancy as well.  If you are even moderately into photos & documenting life, this collection of images from these very special moments is so valuable….

I mostly just snapped images (or handed off my camera to people, including strangers, to snap images) at memorable moments, but I do perhaps regret a little not doing more creative & organized shoots of myself & growing belly.

Around 38 weeks, the most “organized” shoot I did plan for myself was a casual series of snapshots (which the above photo is from) at Kahala beach with my husband behind the lens

It’s all about baby now!

Before having Hunter, I definitely thought I would not be a parent whose FB page is a continuous series of posts all about their little one.  No matter how adorable & loveable I find little ones, I just simply did not think this would become my posting style.

How wrong I was!!!  I am not only the parent who posts all the time about their little one now…I am that parent to the 100th degree!!!!

I knew that when I would I have Hunter, I would for several months be  focusing a lot less on building my portfolio & photography business & just fully enjoying being a new mother.  One of the greatest gifts to both myself  & my son, I feel, is to allow myself the free time & space to adjust, with great thanks to my husband & his support that I am able to do so!

Of course, as Hunter gets older & we, as a mother son duo, become a bit more mobile & flexible, I fully anticipate getting back into a myriad of creative projects & booking shoots again.  But for the time being, the most logical thing for me was to really “relax” & thoroughly soak up this special phase of life…

But this does not mean I stopped logging on!  Au contraire!!! My social media behavior reflects the rhythm of my life & days & that life is quite suddenly (to my pure joy) all about baby.  

Baby gifts & photo posts

As anyone who knows me on FB knows, I like to post photos of the baby gifts we receive.  This photo taking/posting behavior was totally unplanned, but has become very practical.

We did not have a baby shower or gift registry & have generally been receiving a continuous stream of surprise packages for the past several months.  Photographing & posting these gifts (most of which are from people who my husband & I are connected with on FB) was my way of letting the sender know we received the gift & to also shower some thanks digitally as well (print thanks to follow!).

With the majority of gifts being clothes (particularly adorable onesies), I quickly saw the value in having all these gift photos tidily organized in one FB album.  5 months from now I might put that adorable Detroit Red Wings onesie, or Baby gap onesie that says “grrr” (so appropriate as my son does growl!!), on Hunter & plum forget where it came from!!!!

Snap happy Mama that I am, I will no doubt be photographing Hunter in every outfit at least a few times & it’s always fun to share those moments with the thoughtful gifters.  While I am not planning to forget who they are, lets just say the photos also help me to remember!

 Take a guess:

This post was written:

A- with baby in arms

B- with baby on shoulder

C- after/before diaper change

D- after/before/during breastfeeding

E- while feeding self

F- All of the above

The writing, blogging, Facebooking, photographing does not stop for me!!!  But baby is definitely now the moderator of all said activities!!!  The answer is definitely F- all of the above!!!

~Winter Solstice Greetings to All~