Autumn Heart

Autumn Heart

Leg warmers
Hand Warmers
Cozy Hats
Root Veggies
Smell of Fire
Pumpkin &  Cinnamon to Taste
Ambers & Golds
Mahogany, Copper & Sanguine…..
Crisp & Invigorating Autumn!
Just a few of my favorite things about Autumn.  My love for this season is so many layered it was difficult to even know where to begin with this casual Sunday morning written & visual ode to this time of year.
In many places, that early buzz of Autumn coincides with the start of the academic year….
“Don’t you just love New York in the fall?  It makes me want to buy school supplies.  I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”
-Tom Hanks character to Meg Ryan’s character in You’ve Got Mail
That line pretty much sums it up for me- a classic line from one of my favorite set-in-Autumn (partly) movies.  Something about Autumn gets me even more revved than usual for films too.  Perhaps it is because of how cinematic, gorgeous & utterly photogenic the season is.
The foods, the hues, the increasing chill in the air…the film like quality of the beautiful landscape….the clothes!!!  Fall fashion is without a doubt the wardrobe closest to my heart!  I find so much beauty in people’s lightly bundled frames & rosy cheeks.  I love putting on a stylin & cozy Autumn dress, pair of tights & great boots and heading out for a full & rich day…
I took some time this Sunday morning to take a walk down Autumn memory lane with my photos & thoughts….

I didn’t actually experience Autumn for the first time until 2000, when I moved to Seattle, Washington.  Having grown up mainly in Florida & Southern California, I knew next to nothing of the season – nor the effect it would gradually come to have on me…
I was head over heels that year in Seattle as Autumn began.  I could not get enough of walks, exploring the city & also enjoying my newfound love of photographing urban spaces & buildings.
Pike’s Place Market
I love a good Farmer’s Market any time of year but to stroll through on a chilly Autumn day, cup of joe in hand, buying root veggies & the odd goodie here & there- simply wonderful

Above & Below: Coffee shops in Seattle
Tucking into a good nook & cranny of a local coffee shop with my journal & the paper became a weekend tradition as well…

Above: Quick snapshot from a window in Stockholm
I moved to Sweden after a few seasons in Seattle.  I was equally as enamored with Autumn experiencing it the 2nd & 3rd  time around. Perhaps even more so….
Stockholm is a stunning city in all seasons but I particularly fell for it in Fall.
It was here a good friend of mine dubbed me, without a doubt, “An Autumn Soul.”  I love the sense of our souls having different bonds to different seasons….

Above -a blue skied walk-through-the-woods Autumn day in Ithaca.
Some years later I was living in Ithaca.  Another place with a very thick & rich Autumn season. I enjoy the atmospheres of both the buzzy, blue skied crisp Autumn days & the dark, grey, moody, cozy ones. Both get my mind ticking & my soul surging a bit ….
Below- a moody, broody Autumn day on the campus of Cornell University

Above: Walk through Cascadilla Creek in late Autumn

My first USA cross country road trip was with my husband in 2009.
One of our stops was Fort Leavenworth (above & below), a gorgeous post in the thick of Autumn…

Fort Leavenworth

On the same trip we made a quick afternoon stop in St. Louis to visit the Gateway Arch. It was one of those mind blowing, clear skied, amazing Autumn weekend days when people were out in force, walking with family & friends & enjoying the air & landscapes.

Above: Fireside Autumn reading in Alabama
Above & below: Exploring & enjoying Nürnberg, Germany for the first times in 2010

We spent a few recent years in Germany where we were able to experience the fully rich textures of Bavarian Autumns…

I began my photobusiness in Bavaria in 2011 & found out pretty early on what a popular season Autumn is for photosessions.
Above & below, quick snapshots during a woods-based family photosession in Bavaria.

Garmisch- epic in any season, but oh that landscape in Fall…..!

Stunning late Autumn views in Garmsich

Walking, twirling & generally just appreciating life on a Autumn day in Garmsich….

Above: Fichten Ranch, Bavaria
My first wedding photosession happened during Autumn season & was located at Fichten Ranch. Before the ceremony even began I was immersed in snapping shots of the location.

Nürnberg on an Autumn Day

Enjoying the trees of Parsberg

And the trees & paths of Regensburg….
During the times of my life when I drove & was in the thick of an Autumn scene, I would find myself (safely) pulling over often, in need of capturing a quick photo of the scene & just taking it in….
No matter where I am, my Autumn soul just quietly thrills for this time of year…..
Enjoy All….