Instagram Beginnings

Instagram Beginnings

 Last month I started an Instagram account.
I have been enjoying documenting daily moments with it
& becoming acquainted with the Instagram realm
& the use of this fun, very visual social media!
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Mid August 2013
~ 6 1/2 months pregnant
Heading to breakfast in Waikiki

Lemon Lilikoi Cupcake

Of course, I am very excited to use Instagram for daily moments as well as “behind the scenes” & photoshoot location shots
Above: right before photoshooting with this industrial backdrop near Aloha Tower Marketplace

The morning of my birthday this year I walked down to the beach before heading out to a beautiful & delicious brunch with my husband.
The # 36 is special to me & I was very excited for this year’s birthday!

After brunch in Kahala, enjoying the breeze by the Kahala Hotel & Resort’s private beach

In early September we moved into the lush, cool & very green Manoa Valley.
Above, excited to see the neighborhood by foot after our first morning waking up in the house.

Appreciating Red Hibiscus in the neighborhood
A nice cool morning in Manoa
Backyard views

Enjoying the empty space of our home

It is inevitable I would start Instagram photographing objects in our home!
Above, an especially lovely bar of soap I got in Sweden on our last trip earlier this Summer.

Our house is (for the first few weeks) almost absent of furniture.
But I have my media with me!
Above, Swedish & Norwegian mags I got on my last two Scandinavia trips (Malmö/Stockholm- July 2013, Oslo – May 2013)
Great photography & of course expanding my vocabulary!

Run of new business cards- testing out print companies

Oahu is known for many rainbows & the Manoa Valley in particular is known to abundant for rainbow sightings.
Above, our first rainbow sighting in the neighborhood.
Also memorable in that it was during my Mom’s 1st visit to our new place here!
Quick location pic during a photoshoot
Gorgeous & classic view of Diamond Head & Waikiki
from Kaka’ako Waterfront Park

A very special birthday gift from my Mother: Tibetan Singing Bowl
1st practice was yesterday
I love the sound of these chimes ringing in our home.
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