Officially Relocated!!!

Officially Relocated!!!

A “final” photo of our home in Bavaria, Germany in late July of this year as we are handing in our keys, closing out a chapter of life of living in this home…..

We then spent about a week in on post lodging, preparing for the big move over 2 continents & 2 oceans!!

I tearfully adopted one cat out prior to our big move (Samye, who I met on our doorstep in our Bavarian home in 2012 & welcomed in).  But Ronja (above) & Murphy are in it for the long haul with us.  Even when the long haul means a fairly exhausting round of flights.  Our route to our new destination began on August 6th in Munich, where we caught an early morning flight to Frankfurt (cats in cabin with us!) & from there a direct flight to Houston. The direct flight became not so direct due to a unplanned landing in Iceland to deboard a passenger in need of medical assistance.  Hopefully they received great care in Iceland….eventually we were back in the air, arriving in Houston around dinner time.

Above, Ronja’s face says it all. She’s a pretty savvy travelling cat (I done good for a pet mama with her!) but this was a pretty tiresome leg of travel….

A planned overnight in Houston….husband I driving on the highway (first time on an American highway in almost 3 years) to Sugarland for dinner with some special company….

And the next day, after a direct flight from Houston, we have arrived!!!!

Alas, our new home for a bit of time!


Enjoying a morning walk in Waikiki on our first full day on the island

It’s been about 12 years since I lived on the island, so returning is full of familiarity, but also a bit of traveler’s excitement.

I knew I was looking forward to living by the ocean again but it was not until we were here, on this beautiful August day, that I felt the full rush of gratitude & happiness for being able to call the islands my place of residence again, especially at this point in time.

6 months pregnant, enjoying a beachside walk in some beautiful August weather!