It’s that time again….


We’ve known about our next move for about two months now, but the reality of it didn’t really settle in until the summer days clicked by & late July arrived & we were clearing our house, shifting into temporary lodging & taking care of all those numerous odds & ends that often go into a move.

I tend to thrive in transition. That’s not to say I don’t have a little meltdown here or there about the accumulation of “stuff” or some logistical issue.  I’ve moved a few dozen times in my life but that certainly has not made me some sort of relocation wizard.

What it has led to is a constant feeding of my curious mind & a soul that craves changes in scenery (if even just temporarily). I used to hunt for home, imagining a terrain, a geography, a town or city that would simply speak to me- stay here, no more moving on.

But, well, the truth is I love moving.  I love the call to adaptability. I am positive I could sate this appetite for transition with travel. But my impulse for relocation coupled with the reality that I am married to a military man means that for the forseeable future, packing up house & moving along is par for the course.

While my active moving long began long before I met my husband, the inception of this blog, in fact, coincided with our first big move & road trip together back in 2009. I’d been biding my time to get into the blogging world & these new chapters in life seemed just the right time to begin.

The last time I wrote a moving transition post was back in October 2010.  I wrote from the cozy, but spacious feeling area of an enclosed cabin deck on Fort Rucker post in Alabama as we prepared for our move to Germany. I documented many steps of our move & transition & it’s nice to be able to look back and, for example, see some of my thoughts & images from our first few days in Bavaria.

I write now from Hohenfels, 2 days out from our big move over not only large portions of land mass, but two oceans!!!

We are headed to Oahu, Hawai’i & I am definitely just as excited to document this transition & new chapters of our island life soon…..

We moved out of our house some days ago & have been adjusting to temporary lodging. For me, it’s a great way to transition out- compress our living space a bit to organize final items & to mind clear as well….

On a morning woods walk near our lodging….

 Week 25 of pregnancy!!   And 2.5 days left of being in Bavaria!!