Return to Stockholm

Return to Stockholm

 It’s been just about a decade since I had been to beautiful Stockholm, so I was excited to revisit the city.  I moved to the Swedish capital in my twenties to pursue my first graduate degree (Built Environment & Spatial Planning at KTH).  Restlessness & a perhaps indulgent sort of soul searching path compelled me to move on, but in hindsight, this was truly a great, well rounded place to live, work & study.

So, interestingly enough, about a decade later I find myself walking the streets of Stockholm with my husband, both of us wondering aloud the feasibility of one day relocating here.  I am drawn to the built environments of both the inner cities & many of the suburbs. A rich natural environment is found abundant throughout the country.  The tap water is good. The seasons are distinct.

And Swedish food is at the top of my list!!!  Pass me a slice of crisp bread with a dollop of shrimp salad please!!!

We spent our first moments in the city walking with my cousin from the hotel we were staying at in the center of the city southwards through Gamla Stan & culminating in Södermalm. The weather was simply stunning- an incredibly idyllic day in the city.

Nice cool gulps of water for me (5 months pregnant now!), while my husband & cousin enjoyed some good glasses of beer.

I rented a room in the Mosebacke vattentorn for a period when I lived in Stockholm & it was by far one of the most interesting & enjoyable buildings I have lived in, both for the unique interior space as well as the great, central location.

Gorgeous views of Stockholm from the beer gardens of Södra Teatern

“Kvarnen Toast”

 Crayfish tails, horse-radish, chives & mayonnaise on butter fried bread topped with trout roe

At Kvarnen, Medborgarplats

Shrimp Salad Sandwich

At Kvarnen, Medborgarplats