Return to Hyllie

Return to Hyllie


View of the Öresund Bridge from the train just prior to landing at Kastrup airport.

 A week long stay in Sweden this month, just weeks prior to moving back Stateside, was rejuvenating on several levels.  After landing in Copenhagen we took the 12 minute train ride across the bridge to Hyllie to stay with family for a few days.  A typical cool Swedish summery feel in the weather quickly gave way to the type of golden warm summer days that are particularly treasured & celebrated in this part of the world.

Our time in Malmö was not nearly as long as we would have liked- more days to spend time with family & enjoy the good city would have been welcome- along with more time to enjoy their fantastic cooking & baking! But we are grateful for the days there that we did plan & have there…

My aunt’s fantastic Strawberry tart, with a lemon curd layer & mandelmassa based crust.

Looking out over the Öresund

My husband brought the whiskey to share & enjoy with others

Every meal at my aunt & uncle’s place was just delicious!

The meal above also was on my husband’s birthday!

Princess Cake, a.k.a. Birthday cake!!