Popovers & Bright Flowers

Popovers & Bright Flowers

Appreciating the stack of Monocle’s at our friends house!

Some Sunday breakfast deliciousness at the home of our friends.

Probably one of my favorite things when visiting friends or hosting friends is that shared mealtime of great food, dialogue, catching up and sharing stories.

Each meal has a different sort of energy & there’s just something about breakfast (especially a savory one with great coffee!) with friends that I simply love.  Beautiful, simple & everyday moments of life to remember!

 Our last moments on our weekend trip in Stuttgart were spent up on a beautiful hillside area & as we left to head towards the train station we passed these beautiful flowers.  It was one of the first days here in Germany this year that we felt a whiff of true Summer in the air.

With an impending big move later this Summer, it was definitely a treat to take the time for a lovely & relaxed urban weekend trip to a lovely German city.