Stuttgart & Sweet Things

Stuttgart & Sweet Things

At our friends home in Stuttgart on a recent weekend trip….

A delicious bowl of fruits for breakfast (along with breads & cheeses not pictured) & later some delightful pastries from the Stuttgart Markthalle…

I love a good Petit Four & Strawberry Tart & both of these were extremely good!!!

Walking around Stuttgart with our friends, we could easily see what a fine city it is but experiencing the Stuttgart Markthalle simply sent my fresh impressions of the city into a new realm of appreciation.

I fawned over the idea that people living here could simply zip by the Markhalle on a Saturday morning to buy a basket’s worth of delicious food items and treats for leisurely weekend meals, or thoughtfully prepared end of the day dinners.  The quality & diversity of the food stalls was simply terrific.

I had a pretty good appetite, but still not enough to taste so many of the foods that I wanted to.  I did manage to indulge in a leek fritter while my husband & our friends nibbled on some cheese with wine tasting.

Exploring the spacious & fine interiors of the store Merz & Benzing, on the 2nd floor of the Stuttgart Markthalle…

A beautiful Saturday June afternoon in Stuttgart….

 Stuttgart police horses enjoying a water break