Café Christiania

Café Christiania

On my last evening during a May visit to Oslo some friends & I decided to give Café Christiania a go.

I had been following the restaurant for a bit on Facebook & was curious to eat there in person. From it’s social media presentation, it looked historic,  atmospheric, charming & nostalgic.  So we had reservations for the evening of May 18th, a day after the nation’s very celebratory May 17th (Constitution Day).

May 17th in the capital city is a site to behold.  The population is out in force, along with travelers like myself who flew in specifically to experience the energy of the festivities. The streets are teeming with flags & people dressed in regional representations of the bunad & restaurants & cafes are filled to the brim with people.

There was just such a great energy in the air, even as sunny beautiful skies gave way to heavy downpours -which eventually passed & which did not interrupt the parade in any sense.

On May 18th the city had a completely different energy.  Still the same beautiful & lush Oslo, but a lot more low key (I heard that the weather combined with the long weekend meant that lots of locals went out of town that day).  I spent my Saturday morning enjoying Vigeland Park & Tjuvsholmen, meeting up with friends in the mid afternoon for a river walk & then to head to Café Christiania for dinner.