More 'In Between Sessions' Photos...Spring

More ‘In Between Sessions’ Photos…Spring

 Spring is here but some days there is of course still a chill in the air & candlelight providing atmosphere at cafes.  Taking a moment for a bite to eat (above) at a cafe in Regensburg one Sunday in late April…

Backstage at Velodrom Theater during a pre-production rehearsal of a local dance school.  Laying the groundwork & meeting dancers, teachers & dance studio owners in the region for my new photo project : Dance in the City.

Flowers everywhere- snapping a quick photo after lunch at Haus Heuport, Regensburg.

En route to the train station in Regensburg…

enjoying a gorgeous floral display…

Love the Reef Girl Calendar & excited to turn the page to May!

Before & after a photosession is when I typically grab a bit of food & drink out somewhere & I nearly always document the moment.

Above, one recent Sunday in Parsberg, before a 1st Communion Celebration photosession, enjoying a cup of coffee & the delightful accompanying edible chocolate cup of cream.





Saturday in Nürnberg, before my 2nd ‘Dance in the City’ Photosession (enjoy some of the results on Facebook here), enjoying some coffee talk & a bite to eat at Lorenz Cafe.

Curry Carrot Soup at Lorenz Cafe

Enjoying a green waterway view in Nürnberg

Waiting for to go pizza in Parsberg- I love flipping through this Italian cook book while I wait & enjoying the beautiful & very atmospheric food & travel photography…

Back in Regensburg on a Sunday!  This past Mother’s Day I had a family session booking in this city & arrived early to grab some morning food at Haus Heuport first…

Mingling with the ducks in Regensburg

Cupcakes to go!!

From Goliath Cafe, Regensburg

 Enjoying a beautiful floral display en route to the train station in Regensburg


And as I finish this entry, I am perched to head out the door for a photosession at a store in Regensburg.  It’s a beautiful, bright sunny day here & I am going to enjoy every piece of the Spring energy.  And in two days, it’s off to Oslo!!!!