Scenes from Lisbon

Scenes from Lisbon

A building in the  Parque das Nações neighborhood

Seating inside Museu da Cerveja

My husband’s beer order at Museu da Cerveja.

He enjoyed it very much!

Having breakfast in a typical hole in the wall cafe. Delicious!!! We swooned over this complimentary cheese & the pillowy bread with perfect crisp crust!

Enjoying a brisk morning walk by the water…

Getting a little falafel fix in central Lisbon

Viewing the 25 de Abril Bridge while aboard a relaxing afternoon boat cruise

After a bit of a rainy boat ride, enjoying viewing the rainbow over the bridge while en route back to dock.

The gooey caramels purchased from Charles de Gaulle when we were en route to Lisbon were one of a few treats enjoyed in the hotel room.

Hunger stroke quickly at the Lisbon airport a couple of hours from departure & fortunately there was a great restaurant there for me to satisfy it. Not to mention, we had somehow spent the entire trip thus far in Portugal without ever having this very traditional national dish, Bacalhau. Many variations exist & this one did not disappoint at all. I can still taste the savory bed of greens, tender fish & herbed potatoes & olives now! One last fantastic Portugese dish before flying home!