Late Winter Ends & Bits

Late Winter Ends & Bits

On a photoshoot in Regensburg earlier this month,

discovering new paths, areas & backdrops…

Winter showed brief signs of perhaps coming to an end & making way for Spring a few times this month, but alas, we still remain here in Bavaria on the border of Winter’s end & the breaking of Spring.

In addition to Beer & Peppermint Tea, Aperol Spritz seems to be one of the most popular regional drinks of choice & very much associated with outdoor seating in Spring & Summer.  On a fine, sunny (but chilly) early mid March day in Regensburg, I saw glasses of these populating the tables of the crowded outdoor seating areas in central Regensburg.  A strong chill may have been in the air, but the sun was shining bright & a bit of a quiet celebratory mood was in the air.  I interpreted it as a strong promise of Spring beginning, but as the March days went on & the snows returned I revised my interpretation…

Outdoor seating in Regensburg

The days have arrived for me to start seriously indulging in tea.

Seeing this healthful tea presentation on our neighboring table was a fantastic (and beautiful) reminder…

Navigating the Munich subway system en route to a photosession

The photosession was at the BMW Welt in Munich.

I had pre-arranged a special permit to photoshoot there but didn’t consider how buzzing BMW Welt on a Saturday afternoon would be!

We still managed to have a fun & interesting shoot…

To feed my insatiable magazine reading hobby, freshly ordered & received- the first issue of “Rebel Times” by Copenhagen based Art Rebels.

Great photography & rich interviews with entrepreneurs of many walks of life.