TorgHuken Sør

TorgHuken Sør

TorgHuken Sør !

 Founded: February 2012

Best Burger in Tromsø!

After having one burger at TorgHuken Sør I was hooked.  And I am not even a big meat eater!!!

It’s not difficult to immediately be warmed by the rustic aesthetics (many features having a personal story behind them, which the chef will gladly tell you about if you just ask) and the amiable chef and owner.

But of course, a main feature is the burger itself with the surprising & delightful element of a layer of fried cheese.  Again, anyone who knows me knows I am not a big meat eater but I could easily eat TorgHuken Sør burgers for breakfast!!!

Located centrally in Tromsø, TorgHuken Sør opens for business every day in the evening, yet as one of the photos below shows, it’s a happening spot for the late night revelers.

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Grammaphone from 1951, refurbished by the chef & owner with speakers.

 While dining you’ll hear croons of the likes of

Elvis, Credence Clearwater Revival & Otis Redding….

“It’s been sculpted by nature for many years”

-Håvard Robertsen

Wood reclaimed from the shore by the chef’s father’s cabin in Malangen.  The logs sat in the barn for five years & Håvard decided to incorporate them into the interior for their uniqueness.

 Lots of business late night

 Owner & Chef Håvard Robertsen