Into the North

Into the North

The last time I was in Tromsø, Norway was December, 2003.  After a several month program at the University here, I packed up & moved back to the States, after an overall 3 year stint of living in Europe.

It’s nearly a decade later now & the tail end of another 3 year living stint in Europe is fast approaching, this time with my husband, stationed in Germany.  With time passing & another move imminent, revisiting places of my fond memories, as well as my friends, takes utmost priority.

So when a dear friend of mine, who I met right here in this vibrant Arctic small city in 2003, asked me to come visit for two weeks in December, the obvious answer was – of course.


Finding good rates this time around meant having some patience & tolerance to spend an evening in Gardemoen Airport (above).  I was amazed to book my connection from Berlin to Oslo for 30 Euros (check in baggage included).  The Oslo to Tromsø connection was not quite as amazing a fare, but all in all not bad deals or outrageously priced (Norwegian Air).

Excited to be arriving!  Above, on descent into Tromsø.

Saturday evening in Tromsø

Having a bit of fish eye photo fun.

Above: A Schoolhouse

Revisiting the locales that were my haunts when I stayed here….

Beautiful dark days

Around 13:00

Visiting a local artist (whose band I would later have a shoot with) in her studio