Scenes from Life & Recent Sessions

Scenes from Life & Recent Sessions

I haven’t been blogging too much lately &  for a good reason- I’ve been too busy with photoshoots! Since starting my photography business last Summer, this Autumn has been the busiest booking season yet. While I have not been photographing so many scenes from daily life, I always manage to get in a couple of location shots or shots when I am on  the move.  Enjoy the Bavarian Autumn scenery!

 Location & scenes from my first wedding photosession….

Capturing a quick woodsy photo before a session. The woods are a very popular location choice for photoshoots in this region & I love that.

Mind just completely intoxicated

& heart utterly warmed by all the gorgeous Autumn hues!!!

Back in my “workshop” at home there’s always a feline visitor or two…

On the train en route to Nürnberg with a mask given to me by a friend which later was used in a photosession…


As I write this it is an absolutely gorgeous, blue skied & sunny Halloween day here- but just a few days ago, how it looked out the window!