Exploring Nong Nooch

The bulk of the International Palm Society 2012 Biennial in Thailand was spent at Nong Nooch Botanical Garden & Resort.  Calling the grounds “impressive” would be a vast understatement…

Touring the gardens





While the dinner experiences for the IPS group were never anything short of outstanding (with scores of Thai dishes as well numerous Thai cultural performances), some of my favorite meal moments were at breakfast time- enjoying savory choices for breakfast and the tranquility and beauty of the outdoor seating area.

My dad thoroughly enjoying the greatness of this Biennial!



I probably should have also photographed the impressive breakfast buffet display!


The beauty of Nong Nooch Gardens



Tiger Eyes at Nong Nooch.  What a beauty.

Time to go home!  After the Biennial, many IPS members had their own “post tour” trips planned- Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia and I am sure other places as well.  While I was excited to go home, the idea of touring the greater region more sounded very appealing.  But…it was time to fly! Bavaria bound (with an 8 hour layover in Dubai!).

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok


The Bangkok – Dubai connection was a night flight on a very packed plane and I believe basically the entire cabin was asleep.  Above Picture- Dubai to Munich connection- lots of empty seats!   Soon I would be landing in Autumn in Bavaria!