Onward to Nong Nooch

Onward to Nong Nooch

 On the second day of the International Palm Society Biennial in Thailand, we headed out from the beautiful and relaxing Tawa Ravadee Resort en route to Nong Nooch Botanical Garden & Resort.  Pictured above is our first garden stop along the way (also a garden owned by Nong Nooch).  I probably should have cruised around with fellow IPS members to learn a few things more about palms and enjoy the gardens but I was completely smitten by this young little kitty who obviously, along with several other felines, calls this garden home.

 We adopted each other for a brief moment in time…

 Our welcome dinner at Nong Nooch Botanical Garden & Resort that night was tremendous and begin with these dancers outside and a group of elephants opposite them.

What I am sharing here on my blog is just a fraction of the photos I took.  Many of my favorites are the people photos I got which I have shared both on Facebook and on the PalmTalk forum, where other IPS members who were at the Thailand Biennial are also uploading people, food, landscape, cultural photos by the hundreds!!

 The Welcome Dinner for the International Palm Society was tremendous but we would soon find that nearly all the dinners were going to be MAJOR events!

Above Photo:  Far left my father Bo-Göran Lundkvist (now former President of the IPS), Middle- Itthiphol Kunplome (the Mayor of Pattaya, Far right: Kampon (owner & mastermind of  Nong Nooch Botanical Garden & Resort).


 Paparazzi everywhere!

Seriously, news stations, local newspapers etc….were on hand with a great deal of regularity documenting the event.


Forefront: Edible cashew nut bowls!

So delicious!

 A variety of very delicious dipping sauces

The cultural performances were laced through our entire stay at Nong Nooch.





Heading to breakfast the next morning and capturing a bit of what I call the “psychedelia” that was woven everywhere throughout the Gardens….