Arrival Bangkok

Arrival Bangkok


 Preparing to pack for Thailand earlier this month….beginning with the bikinis!



Munich to Dubai connection on Emirates Air


Arrival in Dubai in early morning with a couple hour layover and then on to Bangkok



Dubai Airport



Lots of great venues at the Dubai Airport.  En route back several days later, I holed up in this Heineken Lounge drinking cup after cup of hot tea.  Probably a first for me- hanging out in a bar drinking tea!!!   Jammin tunes and great staff..




So glad to arrive at Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport



Digs for the 1st few nights in Bangkok at the Grand Four Wings Hotel



1st full day in Bangkok.  About to head out into the city.  Checking out the Baht coin while waiting for the SkyRail train (the entire public transport system had English options and was very intuitive and easy to use.)









The 1st cat I met in Bangkok. I had no plans or expectations to meet kitties in this city….the start of what became a trend all day long…




Part of my very brief architectural tourism in Bangkok- Pictured above is the gorgeous Hansar Bangkok Hotel.  Pictured below, the great concierge staff of the Hansar.



So at some point, I had no destination anymore in Bangkok and just started wandering around.  Standing on a corner waiting to cross, I was approached by a gentleman who seemed friendly enough. English speaking, from Malaysia and apparently very helpful to travellers.  He wanted to know where I wanted to go so I said “The markets” and he drew me a map and then hailed me a “tuk tuk” for about 20 baht (less than a euro) for what turned out to be a good 5 mile (American mile) ride.  In retrospect, I think this was no casual meet and greet….

Tuk Tuk ride pictured above and below. The driver spoke good English and was very chatty throughout the whole thing.  Amazingly, I felt more comfortable in the tuk tuk than I typically do on the Autobahn….


At some point the tuk tuk broke down so the driver and I simply hopped on into another tuk tuk…



The driver brought me directly to the door of a tailor.  How did they know that while in Bangkok I had considered getting a dress made (despite the fact that at this point I only had 36 hours to do so). Wow, these people are intuitive. Or just good at getting people to the door of their shops.  The tuk tuk driver walked me right into the door of the tailor and because I indeed had the idea of getting a dress that I needed made I just went with the flow.



Choosing the dress to the far right….this whole “dress making in Bangkok” thing became much more of an ordeal than I had planned.  After choosing it, and the fabric, I had to come back in two hours for a fitting, which did leave time for exploring nearby Chinatown.

They were so gracious to even offer delivery to the hotel (which was a waaaays away) but I was pressed for time and did not want to risk any hiccups.  I would need to return 24 hours later for yet another fitting.  Thai silk and chiffon, 2 fittings and about 24 hours in the making I had my dress. Not quite as inexpensive as I would expect (from how people rave about how cheap things are here), but hey, Thailand (and probably Bangkok in particular) has apparently gotten very hip to things and there’s an element of new prosperity here.  Naive to assume that one will get things for ridiculously cheap prices when the word’s been out for a while.  I did later find some amazing dress deals in Pattaya….but those certainly were not Thai silk….




Train station in Bangkok near Chinatown



Kitty cats of Chinatown





Exploring more hotel interiors- The Shanghai Mansion Hotel in Chinatown






Grabbing a bite to eat at the Shanghai Mansion Hotel: Fried Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf



Evening settling…heading back to the hotel and another kitty cat spotting by Sky Rail



Morning at Grand Four Wings Hotel.  First swim of the trip! With Bangkok in the distance…..



Making my way back to the dress shop.  Again.

After my last fitting I had a couple of hours before picking up the dress, so decided to just hang around the neighborhood, which was full of workshops like these.




Hanging out on a corner bar watching street life.  Still waiting for the dress.  Decided to have a large Singha while I waited.  Around 15:00.  A Thai man walked up to me, after finding I spoke English said “You starting very early!  See you later!”  Yes, indeed.  And no, probably not.



Trucks like this everywhere….



Dress done, about to catch Sky Rail back to hotel again.  Last kitty cat sighting in Bangkok…..