Berlin: Behind the Scenes from a "Vacation"

Berlin: Behind the Scenes from a “Vacation”

I put vacation in quotes because while this trip to Germany’s capital city started as precisely that, it became (with time, networking and diligence) something else completely, much to my pleasure and process of goal achievement.

My next post will be an in depth review of the process that went into all the locations I decided on (or found spontaneously) for my series of photoshoots in Berlin earlier this month (gradually being uploaded to my business site here). This post is a collection of photos taken in between photoshoots and while on the move in Berlin from place to place.

 Having a cup of joe one Thursday morning earlier this month in Berlin, near Wittenbergplatz.

Heading to a Thursday morning casual meeting with a Berlin based model agency, with whom I collaborated to arrange several models for photoshoots during this trip.


Capturing a photo of the imposing KaDaWe building before catching the U-Bahn to Hansaplatz for first photosession of the day…

 Hopping on at U-Bahn Wittenbergplatz…

 Hopping off at U-Bahn Hansaplatz…

Briefly scoping out locations in Hansaviertel…

After 1st photosession of the day, heading out of Hansaviertel.  I thought even their Apotheke had a bit of charm, with all the flags on the window.

Heading out of Hansaviertel, after two lovely female photoshoots, to catch the S-Bahn to Warschauer Str. for the 3rd and final session of the day.

Still snapping images of the neighborhood’s buildings on my way out…

 On Simon-Dach Str. in Friedrichshain on Friday

I usually like to indulge in my eating experiences when I travel. Not in the financial sense necessarily, but in the sense of taking the time to find a venue with great or interesting atmosphere (preferably both) and delicious food that will serve as a rich travel memory as well. I have learned that Berlin is chock full of amazing nooks and crannies of culinary experiences and delights and it is very much sometimes worth that extra little walk or 4 subway stops to get to that special place for the moment. You can find so many really great meals in this city, often for a very good value, and with atmosphere to boot.


This time however, if I was not eating at the Pestana Tiergarten (on this trips, my best and most interesting meals were to be had there but I did not photograph them), I was typically grabbing something quick and simple on the go.  Pictured above, a plate of Thai style peanut sauce tofu and veggies with rice (for just under 5 € ) at a Thai joint on Simon-Dach Str. in Friedrichshain.

Late afternoon in Friedrichshain.

After two photosessions, off to visit a dear friend near Boxhagener Platz and catch up…

East Side Gallery on a Friday early evening


Bike show on sidewalks at East Side Gallery

I watched the performance and then the guys shifted gears to head off to a new location but not before I intercepted them to get one of my “Street Smile photos!

Check it out here 

Saturday late morning- waiting at the station at Hackesher Markt (Mitte) with a few minutes to first photoshoot of the day I saw the “OnePiece” store and had to stop in and check it out, falling in adoration of these cozy one pieces in doing so.

Street views around the station at Hackescher Markt

Getting started on a photoshoot on Museum Island and witnessing another photoshoot in action.

Popular location- understandably!

On a break after Saturday afternoon shoot, watching a ‘Legalize Cannabis” parade/march go by.

It was one mighty long train of people.


Tegel Airport.  More on this site as a photoshoot location in next post.  Sunday early evening- soon heading home….