Little Summer Mix

Little Summer Mix

Brewing up lots of things this summer including hosting family and friends at our home, travel, photoshoots and of course blogging! Things have gotten busy with a quickness this month so just a brief hello and some snapshots from the past few weeks!

 Enjoying a walk around the neighborhood with my husband…

 And a cake and iced coffee at a newly opened Italian cafe in our village

From our relaxing 4th of July afternoon in Neumarkt…

 This photo is actually from late Spring.  While at a photoshoot in Salzburg I indulged in a beer break with a can of the local Stiegl brew while the models changed clothes. I include this here because a good portion of my Summer has also been spent in my workshop working on photos from recent shoots.   Setting up shoots with models is something I am increasingly interested in and working on, so this was truly a seminal experience and also fun in that it involved 3 different locations. You can see some of the results in galleries here:

Salzburg Shoot: Panzerhalle

Salzburg Shoot: Gusswerk

Salzburg Shoot: Sheraton 

 DenkFabrik, Kunst und Kreativszene Conference, July 2012

My photographic interests are very broad and I plan to use that to my advantage.  I am developing many different angles in my portfolio and architectural photography is certainly up next.  With that in mind, I did a bit of reaching out and networking and had the opportunity last week to attend the “DenkFabrik, Kunst und Kreativszene” seminar/planning meeting held by a regional architecture firm here.  I am by no means fluent (or even capable) in German though my passive listening skills get me by in many a situation.  Luckily the language wasn’t a major issue and as a first networking experience in this realm it was quite enjoyable. I might indeed have something to contribute to their regional project so stay tuned for more on that. 

Enjoy your Summer….