Salzburg to Remember

Salzburg to Remember

Salzburg is the end of the line (in the southeasternly direction) when using the Bavarian Pass on the train here.  Anyone who knows me pretty well knows (or soon finds out) that I love to drive (on open empty roads) but that I perhaps love using my feet and public transportation more. And here, I have come to love the Bavarian Pass (31 euros for up to two adults and three children for a full day of travel) and use it as much as possible.

Pretty early on in our time living in Germany this past (almost) two years, we decided that we would take the train as often as possible when we traveled.  I like to enjoy the process of getting to a destination and while the Autobahn can be convenient, I prefer to start the journey by boarding a train and relaxing, delving into some projects or magazines as we set out on our trip.

We will remain here in Germany for about another year and a half, but I am already getting flash forwards of the memories I will have from our time here, memories already created, preserved in mind as well as in the scores upon scores of photos I have taken thus far here.

Salzburg will always be strong in my visual memory.  Here are some highlights from our recent “urban relaxation trip” to round off my Salzburg posts from that particular journey….

Tunnel roads!   Now these I like driving in!

Stepping into an Irish pub for an afternoon Guinness…

Swedish candy store on the riverfront, past the clothing shop where the colors on display also seemed to be in Swedish tribute…

Real live telephone booth!

My husband completely fell for these buildings built beside the cliff…

Taking a stroll through the Mirabelle Gardens…

Love Locks

At the riverside market…

Walking around I spotted this building which is a kindergarten.  Fantastic structure!

I was fond of this circular building nearby as well…

Heading into the landmark monastery brewery which is also home to one of the largest beer gardens in Austria

We arrived at the monastery brewery about 10 minutes before they opened and there were already about 100 people waiting for it to open.  The place filled up quickly.  This is how it looked just an hour or so after opening on a Sunday afternoon.

Bikers to the brewery!

Classic Salzburg view

A quote, as seen in a local museum:

“”Die Gegenden von Salzburg, Neapel und Konstantinopel halte ich für die schönsten der Erde.”

-Alexander von Humboldt

(“I consider the regions of Salzburg Naples and Constantinople to be the most beautiful on Earth.”)

Strolling around the heart of the city…

Fantastic Spar grocery store in the heart of the city

On my first trip to Salzburg, I went on a night photo walk and saw this “Parfumerie” store and was obsessed with the font of one of it’s other hanging storefront signs.  On this trip, the store was visible right from our hotel window!

Until next time Salzburg…Stay Beautiful