Baldaszti's, Budapest

Baldaszti’s, Budapest

Overlooking the Danube, on the edge of Buda is this mouthwatering (and foodie favored location) Baldaszti’s Deli.  The gourmet food store is located under the eating area (I was more than delighted to stock up on small, healthy snacks and gum for the train ride home there). Long-ish urban weekend trips are great for getting a flavor of the city and I usually don’t expect to find places that I will have my heart set on revisiting upon my next return to that city.  But Baldaszti’s was one.  Now if only I can order up the same weather for my next visit and outdoor dining experience….






Basil Lemonade & Sauska Rosé Wine

Both were delicious but the Rosé was also divine….


Hungarian sample tray


Salmon Tartar with Crème fraiche

Quite a lovely and light dish



Visit Baldaszti’s online here