A Salzburg Morn

A Salzburg Morn


Explaining/Expressing something or other on the train to Salzburg.

There is something utterly savory to my appetite for good traveling experiences (and memories) about a long, relaxing urban weekend trip in a city that is that is not too big and not too small.  A city where you can visit the landmarks at a leisurely pace and also just take time to relax with your traveling company, chat with the locals and rejuvenate.

Our recent weekend excursion was to just such a city. Just right.

Salzburg. One of my favorite places to visit on the Bavarian Train Pass.

I took the image above at Cafe Tomaselli on this last weekend trip and love it when paired with the image below that I took on my first Salzburg trip last year.


I don’t think I will return to this cafe on a third visit.  The coffee was just so ridiculously expensive.  But it was also ridiculously delicious.

Let the festivities begin….

I just love horse’s hooves.  Klippety klap.

Time for some photos by husband