Manufactum: Munich

Manufactum: Munich

After I posted some photos on Facebook of my introduction to Manufactum recently, a friend of mine noted that she saw I had been here and shared the fact that they are famous for their catalogue.

I had no idea.  I had no idea the store even existed.  But I am not surprised!  At a whopping 400 pages, the catalouge is a comprehensive collection of the amazing range of (German made) goods this store offers: from lovely beauty products, to quality clogs and shoewear, sturdy and attractive garden supplies of all kinds, an impressive range of kitchen products, primo pencils and office supplies, beautiful wooden toy sets for children, the list goes on.  I will let the pictures below tell the product story a bit.

I love taking photos of products and shops, but I am honestly not a very big shopper (unless you put me in a bookstore, stationaire’s or Apothek).  I usually hone in for what I am looking for and get out quick.

But Manufactum is an experience.  Not only that, I have rarely walked into a store where I found I could buy a gorgeous (and practical) hand crafted comb, a lovely “old fashioned” shaving kit for my husband, a great pencil set (I both abundantly collect and use pencils as well as pencil sharpeners), good shoewear and maybe even a comfortable pretty dress.  Oh, and some attractive and long lasting garden supplies.  Really, it’s a dream. Especially for people who don’t like wandering through several stores to find all the items they want or need….

I was pretty much sold on the store within minutes of walking in, but when I found my favorite glue (paper collector/collage & photo book maker/magazine hoarder: indeed I am) I was completely in love. Coccoina.  The stuff is good.  Non toxic and with a “marzipan like aroma,” as the Manufactum website puts it.

This all happened on the last few hours of a recent day trip to Munich, made possible by neighbors and friends who had to be in Munich that day and invited me along.  I had a photosession earlier that morning and then spent the rest of the day exploring and enjoying the city as well as being completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of gorgeous, interesting, delightful, delicious stores that you cannot help but see at every turn here.  So by the time we got to Manufactum, I was not in a shopping or eating mood (they have a delicious looking cafe), but I did think- ‘To here I will return.”  Just before the holiday season sounds about right….