Munich: For the Love of Food Markets

Munich: For the Love of Food Markets

Schrannenhalle, Munich

 Furniture at Schrannenhalle

I took the time on my last day trip to Munich to just really wander around for much of the afternoon. I am not very familiar with the city so even an unplanned route (particularly in such a beautiful city) was bound to have many new sites and surprises.

One such new site for me was the Schrannenhalle, a market hall full of absolutely delicious products.  I realized rather quickly that a market hall where a bag of pasta (in the grocery store at one end of the hall) could easily cost 8 euros was certainly not a place where I would be doing any sizeable grocery shopping.  But I got a few morsels of goodness to take home as well as a couple of gifts.

  Now this is what I call a bakery. I like buttery, rich, tiny sweet things.

  And macarons.  Of course, the macarons.

Beautiful macaron displays…


Two first’s in one day: experiencing a Munich market hall & a outdoor market.

The Viktualienmarkt  is packed with all sorts of greatness, from a wide range of veggies & fruits, to flowers and decorative items as well as many great Bavarian specific food items.

I later had an afternoon beer at a quiet cafe near the Market, but the Nymphenburg Sekt stall in the background of the above photo was a buzzing little bar right in the middle of the market.

The sunlight was not shining into my beer so I asked the British couple next to me if I could photograph their’s.