Saturday in Nürnberg

Saturday in Nürnberg

The main purpose of our excursion to Nürnberg this past Saturday was to attend the 8th Nürnberger Tattoo Convention.  Images from the convention can be seen on my Facebook business page here (does not require logging into Facebook).

But in addition to attending a very nicely organized Tattoo Convention, of course we took the opportunity to enjoy this area of the city too, which I visited for the first time last August.  Images and description for how being introduced to that area of the city began to change my affection for Nürnberg can be viewed here.

So after an afternoon at the Convention, we took to a lakeside stroll and some good brew and grub at a lakeside establishment….


Mike scoping out a football practice that was going on as we passed through the historic “Rally Grounds”

Mike jumping in to give a few impromptu pointers….

They were very receptive to his pointers!  

The historic (unfinished) “Congress Hall” in the distance

Eating & drinking at Gutmann am Dutzendteich


Thoroughly enjoying a local brew

Apparently, I started busting out moves while waiting for the train on our way back home…