Early Spring in Nürnberg

Early Spring in Nürnberg

(I like the red trains best)

We are nearing the heart of Spring, but it has been off to a chilly start here.  A relaxed day trip to Nürnberg last weekend provided opportunities to explore some nooks and crannies of the city that we had not previously seen, as well as enjoy the routes we have become familiar with…..




Goods at the market.  Nürnberg is famous for their Christmas markets, but I found the diversity of goods being sold at this Spring market even more lovely and practical for gift ideas and perks for the household.


 Views from the Nürnberg Castle


 Storybook rooftops

On the Nürnberg Castle tour





Everyday street views


Full blown hints of Spring in the air….


 Preparing for some Indian food dining….I was happy to sit next to the representation of the being above


The fenugreek cracker appetizer with various sauces.

Vegetarian thali

 And a huge heaping platter of basmati rice!

 Until next time Nürnberg….