Frankfurt: First Impressions

Frankfurt: First Impressions

Tenderly nursing a bit of a travel bug last week, I found myself online, googling about for interesting things going on in country during the weekend.  And fairly quickly, I came across a site for the 20th International Tattoo Convention in Frankfurt. This particular city + a tattoo extravaganza?!!   I knew immediately that this was going to be my plan.

(For my photos from the Tattoo Convention click here)

I have only passed through Frankfurt a couple of times, but it has remained, for me, one of these places that I had a basic and very strong interest in.  Having had several “place love affairs”  (i.e. love affairs with a place or the idea of a place), it feels good (really really good) to just be interested in  a place in what I will call for myself, this Frankfurt-way.  I was soon to find out why….

Boarded the train Saturday morning (having made the decision to go the day before) and arrived in the early afternoon.  Booked a room at the Bristol Hotel which was extremely convenient to the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and about a 15-20 minute walk to the Frankfurt Messe (Convention Center) where the Tattoo Convention was going on.

  Sunday morning

 Gorgeous Spring.  The sun is out in full but there still is a bit of an invigorating nip in the air.  I have already spent a good nine hours at the Tattoo Convention on Saturday and plan to go back on this fine Sunday afternoon, but not before getting a good little city walk in by the river Main….

As I walked along the river and through the city streets, I began to understand what drew to a place like Frankfurt- or perhaps simply, to Frankfurt itself.  It feels like just a normal, nice city.  And I don’t mean that in any way to sound dismissive.  On the contrary, it is the German city I would likely choose to live in.  It is livable.  Like most other German cities it is of course clean, but beyond that, there is simply this sense of normality.