Do the Work

Do the Work

Turning your art into a viable business is usually no small feat.  A craft is a precious thing for many and to decide to convert this into a daily operation of creativity, profit, productivity and all other aspects that contribute to an artist’s trade can be an exhilarating, yet potentially overwhelming, task.

There are thousands upon thousands of great photographers in the world and I think this fact alone is a daunting one for amateurs seeking to turn their craft into a real trade.

Had I not had the gumption last summer to place singular focus on my own style, my passion for producing images and my own determination to turn my craft into work, I may have resigned myself to just chalking it up to another hobby.


This June will make one year of Nomad Dakini Design being in business. Deep here in Bavaria, my network is gradually expanding, my editing skills gaining new edges every week and my vision for what I want to do with this gaining substance.  Always a lover of hard copy material, I could not be resigned to only having a web based portfolio.  The above photo shows a sampling from the 80 plus 8 x 10′s I recently ordered, many of which will go into a hard copy “travelling portfolio.”  Images pictured are from my first 4 female photo shoots.

 For more about my work, visit my main business website:

 Nomad Dakini Design

 My roots in photography actually stem back not to photographing people, but to photographing buildings, cities and streetscapes.  Architectural and spatial photography is a niche that I claim first loyalty to. With that in mind, I began my online architectural and spatial photography portfolio today.  Visit it here: