Ice. Food. Drink.

Ice. Food. Drink.

It’s one of my favorite trinities.  Ice. Food. Drink.

 It’s been several years since I was on ice.  But with a marginal amount of pre-research, I saw that Vienna had some great looking ice rinks.

 So I lugged my hockey skates along for the ride.  I never really played hockey or did anything remotely professional on ice- but I did fall in love with skating while living in Ithaca from ’04-’06 and realized that investing in a good pair of skates was critical. I would find out later on this trip that investing in my own pair of skates was indeed a good idea and that I would never hit the ice again without them.

 But for now, a little virtual visit to the Wiener Eislaufverein.

 This cozy bar was conveniently located right outside the rink.

With my pre-trip-research, I had gotten all revved up about the Vienna Eistraum (Wiener Eistraum) Rink .  With my shabby and casual research style for this particular trip, I did not figure in the approximately 45 minute walk that the fantastic looking Eistraum rink was from our hotel.  A 45 minute walk is not so bad (and certainly public transport would ease the transition), but I had mistakenly expected that rink to be a 5 minute jaunt from our hotel.

  So when I asked the concierge where the nearest ice rink was and they directed me to this one, I was excited but also a little bit confused upon arrival.  It looks nothing like the Eistraum rink. Because it wasn’t.  But I had a great time on the ice and the hub was able to capture some shots from the bar that bordered the rink.  It was a completely non-grandiose and down home rink and I absolutely loved it.  Funny that we would visit the Eistraum later that weekend and I would find myself pining for a return to this ice experience. More on that later….

A view of the Wiener Eislaufverein rink from inside the bar that is, as far as I know, not rink affiliated.

A little bit of goulash with the hub before I head out on ice.

Great winter and pre-ice food.

I appreciate that my husband had the patience to capture me in this moment of returning to the ice after about 6 years of no-ice.

From his vantage point the lighting was getting very tricky, there was a lot of ice activity….

I love him even more for capturing my happiness in the moment.

He’s from Michigan.  He should understand a thing or two about my ice glee.

Oh what what!  YES!  I am totally rusty, but pulling out the backwards moves.

This is happiness to me.

 Earlier in the evening, before I got so warm from exercise and beer that I toned it down to just my dress.

Love the hockey kid noticing photographer Mike.