Flaktowers in Augarten

Flaktowers in Augarten

 Before going to Vienna, a good friend advised me to keep an eye out for the Flak towers.  The recommendation seemed reasonable enough, especially considering that this is one of my friend’s primary research interests (with a book in development).  But I was skeptical.  My travel plan was mainly to wander Vienna, to ‘hunt’ for as few things as possibly-basically, to have no agenda whatsoever.

When I expressed my skepticism, my friend further explained that with my photographic interests, I might be compelled by these structures.  This made sense but I still had only the very vaguest of notions of what Flak towers even were and so I still made no sincere plans to find them.


After breakfast on Saturday morning, my husband and I wandered around the inner city.  I credit my husband with having that  somewhat serendipitous “wander sense” to choose a route heading over the river and into what looked like a decidedly more residential and less trafficked area.  We rambled about and at some point came across this street.  As soon as we saw this structure we were fixated and immediately made our way to it.

 On that walk, I thought of my friend and thought that indeed, I should perhaps take much more serious consideration of his tips in the future.  This “event” became the highlight of my trip (besides the food) and I completely thrilled with anticipation to soon share my photographic “findings” with the person who had suggested we find this place in the first place.

As we got closer, I could not stop photographing the structure.

Photographing this smokestack is also appealing along the route….



This other Flak tower appeared in the distance as we got closer…

The Bunkerei was closed on this day, but when open is a renovated WW II bunker serving food and hosting performances.

I have a thing for reinforced concrete.  That, coupled with the history (and potential futures) of these structures makes them incredibly interesting “subjects” indeed.

Yes, very happy to be here.

With hopes to see Augarten and these structures in the glory of a Vienna summer or early Autumn.