Vienna: 1st Impressions

Vienna: 1st Impressions

Our first trip to Vienna (a 4 day weekend journey this month) provided a great introduction to the city. I did a little bit of research before the trip, but as is characteristic of our travel style, we devoted a lot of time to just wandering around and discovering things as we went…..

In a city with such a rich culinary tradition, it seems impossible to not stumble upon good, often great, eats everywhere.  Our first meal was at the Salm Bräu Brauerei.  I am not a wiener schnitzel person at all but I still manage to find delicious things at these traditional brew houses.  Above, the Cream of Garlic soup.  Looking at this photo  later I remembered that on my first ever trip to Austria (Salzburg) my first meal was also a garlic soup.


 Exploring the built environment a bit by night……







The next morning, our first morning in the city, we stopped off for a so-so cup of coffee at the Cafe Imperial, of the Hotel Imperial.   I expect a lot from even a simple cup of joe in this coffee famous city. Coffees we later had at the coffeehouses around the city were far stronger (and better) in my opinion, with the characteristic coffeehouse atmosphere to go along with it.


I was very taken with the exterior of the Hotel Bristol so had to peek in for a look…..











 Have always loved these arcades….




On the Danube river walk…..