Dublin: Rainy Day

Dublin: Rainy Day

Our rainy day actually started before with a damp evening exploring the streets of Dublin before heading back for a fairly early tuck-in……

Breakfast the next morning, a deliciously rainy one, at Elephant and Castle.  I am not big into breakfast, but when we travel it’s a meal I tend to have.  I can be a bit fussy about my breakfast fare, but found the offerings (and atmosphere) at Elephant and Castle simply wonderful.

Behold the Vegetarian Breakfast (no, I am not vegetarian, but I eat like one a lot):

The Vegetarian breakfast: Veggie Sausages, Fried Eggs, Sauteed Mushrooms, Slow Roasted Tomatoes, Grilled Halloumi & Hash Browns.  And some nice rich coffee to top off and add an edge to the cozy rainy morn.


I love photographing city action on rainy days, all the boots and umbrellas and quick strides….

Getting a glimpse of Trinity College