New Space

New Space

Some changes in affect in my life.  This post refers specifically to the change of my going full time with my craft, my passion and my business- and to the space I have created to expand options!

I have already blogged about this over at my business website, but here’s a bit more…..

While I still mostly prefer to work outdoors, in the elements and with natural light, the appeal to convert our basement into a work-in-progress studio space was simply too great.  This was about a 72 hour space converting project and I am pretty psyched to get experimenting in here…

The mess that is somewhere around  the beginning of the process…….

Getting organized

Ah, starting to feel like a space

Notice the cat lurking in the chair…

Still some organizing to do, but the “media corner” is shapin’ up…

My first model.  What a good sitter.

It’s a work in progress.  It’s a bit rootsy.  But it’s mine.  My first studio. Studio/Woman Cave!