Home for the Holidays....

Home for the Holidays….

We got back from Dublin in time to settle in for a couple of days before celebrating a cozy Christmas.  Home is wherever we are living and we tend to put a lot of heart into it.  Holidays are also a special time for us, for the same reason it is for many others- a time to enjoy your loved ones, share presents, indulge in some home cooked food and perhaps even reflect a bit on the life you have made and the energy you will cultivate for the coming year…..

Awoke early (not so bright out, but cozy nonetheless) on Christmas Eve morning…..

Husband started the roast…


While the delicious smell of the roast began to fill the house, I tackled my latest project: the in house photo studio…..

And then moved on to a little bit of food prep and photography….


I think the presentation is great, but I realized that I prefer either fresh crab or fake crab over canned crab….

 And later on in the day, the sumptuous roast is done…..

The Husband has always been the primary chef in the house, but that might change here soon….

 Some Brussel Sprouts for nourishment….


 And now (was very excited for this)….Bruschetta



Adding in the seasoned garlic and shallots….

And the fresh chopped Basil…..


Homemade Toscakaka!!!!

Dense & delicious….


 A lovely gift from a lovely friend….

Seasons Greetings!