A Goal that never was a Dream becomes a Reality

A Goal that never was a Dream becomes a Reality

Some dreams stand as lifemarkers, bucket list features, situations you want to experience and acheive.

Other dreams seem to present themselves organically, quietly weaving into the fabric of life, or perhaps quite suddenly in the guise of a challenge or idea.

For years, I dabbled heavily with my creative nature, giving it sincere and serious attention and indulgence when it arose. But the patterns were wayward, my committment mercurial. I acknowledged and accepted the fact that I had an artist’s nature, but did not give much thought towards result or routine. It was all passion. Sometimes it arose and sometimes I created it. In return, the end was basically sporadic creative output.

I always knew that behind the “hobby” nature of my craft, something more serious lurked. The dream I somewhat lazily harbored for years was that eventually, someday, I would give my crafts the attention and time they deserve.

2011 held in it a quick chain of events that relied on synchronicity of location, human connection and decision.

I seldomly use big and gushy words to describe life events, but I will always remember it as quielty spectactular and fabulous that one single request for a photo assignment, in the little village we had moved to in Bavaria, catalyzed my decision to form a business. It also catalyzed a completely new perspective on my relationship to my own crafts. Photography and writing have always been crafts of passion for me, but the idea to marry the craft with a serious sense of entrepreneurship was a distant landmark- a vague goal and a dream I did not nourish consistently.

It is with great happiness and determination that I start to plan for a full time approach to my craft. To finally be able to call it my “work” with the satisfaction that, indeed, I am giving it the attention and care I feel it deserves.

I am sure many have pondered similar steps in life but considered it a risk. Sometimes, it is so obvious that it is more of a risk to not take that leap.

Enough analysis!!!! To the dream, which never really was a dream, that has finally become one, wrapped tight and snug within a treasure of a goal.

P.S.  For a little more clarification on this vague “craft” I keep referring to, check out my business website, est. June 2011: