Time Out in Garmisch

Time Out in Garmisch

So, a time out.

It wasn’t the type of Time Out as was recommended in the marriage retreat that originally brought us to this Alpen “village.” That sort of time out is something that any average couple needs and is certainly healthy marriage advice.

The true time out we received in Garmisch, albeit only for a couple of days, was exactly what we planned for and expected.  In simplest terms I guess it’s just some old fashioned R & R.

With my naturally busy mind and nature, adjusting to R & R can be a real challenge.  If I have a “nothing” box, it is deep (way deep) in the back of my mental wardrobe, behind many projects, ideas, dreams and puzzles.

But a couple of days in Garmisch gave me the opportunity to peek into my very own “Nothing” box.  The “Nothing” box is a concept I learned about during our last Marriage Retreat in Destin, FL last year.  It is apparently very much a guy thing, but I am convinced that many women have nothing boxes too.

I like my busy energy and hungry mind.  But sometimes, doing nothing is just the recharger your brain, body and spirit need.

I can’t say I did nothing on our retreat in Garmisch.  But I can say that by the 13th hour or so, I realized it was possible to just sit with myself.  To casually read through a magazine without the aim to devour it completely, every word, every article.  No Wi-fi in the hotel rooms (still a strange concept to me though these days) was probably a blessing in easing my way into a moment of nothingness.  My projects could wait.  My pictures could wait.  My writing could wait.

Now, back home and getting into the swing of things, I realize how just a moment of slow time and slow living can change your perspective on things.

Although I doubt I will ever be patient enough to fully accept Bavarian customer service speed.

Next time, we’ll plan for at least a week of nothingness.