Autumn is Symphonic

Autumn is Symphonic

It has been a while since I have posted here.  And not for lack of wanting to write.

Quite the opposite.

Autumn arrived in Bavaria this year with rich, sunny golden hues.  The days were epic.  The many hued spread of leaves still hanging in trees rustled and seemed to whisper, in their own elemental language, Carpe Diem.

I don’t know if writing comes easier to my mind in the rich season of Autumn, with all its specific sensory cues, but I have had more and more spurts since the turning from Summer, to that familiar need to write.

There is something deliciously alert about this time of year, although the weather begins to hint at the slumbering effects of Winter around the corner. Here in the Oberpfalz region of Bavaria, the heavy fog is an atmospheric morning ritual to adapt to and a cue to remembering how dense the fog will become.

Still, my mind reels and my heart soars for this season.  I am an Autumn soul and this I know because my sense and imagination for the romantic knows no bounds once November is round the bend.  The mental reverie that accompanies this season is, I imagine, akin to what my Summer soul friends feel when the first heat of June lays itself out and their endorphins are reeling with joy from the sunlight and warmth.  I would be both foolish and willfully ignorant to deny the beneficial effects of sunlight on my human chemistry, but something about the wet, grey days of mid Autumn simply speak to me.

In sum, Autumn seems to me to bring all sorts of charming variations of ‘helter skelter.’  Just google “Autumn quotes” for the range of rich interpretations many writers over time have on this season currently upon us.  It layers into clockwork, routines, dreams, human relating and the very mundane seasonal aspect of beginning to cocoon ourselves in layers. Autumn is by far my favorite fashion time of the year.  So  while clothing might be a mundane feature, the layering is a daily reflective metaphor to me…..and I think people just look so darn adorable, bundled up  in their scarves with  flushed rosy cheeks.

To the season.  Be warm and give hugs liberally.