Dark Art Tattoo- Budapest

Dark Art Tattoo- Budapest

I like to document my tattoo experiences, which is increasingly evident here. So, it made sense, on our trip earlier this month to Budapest, to document my experience at Dark Art Tattoo.

I contacted Dark Art weeks before our trip, emailing them some basic ideas and drawings that were the look I had in mind.  The first was a range of trees, as depicted in Robert Beer’s Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and the 2nd was the company logo of Boarding company ‘Element,’ which had the sort of bold minimalistic style I was looking for.

Tattoo artist Adrian was quick with design turnaround and before even setting off for Budapest, I had received an email with 10 variations of a tree range style and I settled on the 1st immediately.


So, on our 2nd full day in Budapest, after getting requisite spa time in (something I would not be able to do with a fresh tattoo) we set off through the streets of Pest to Dark Art.



Documenting my own tattoo experiences is also appealing in that tattoo studios so frequently are full of curious objects, cool designs and an atmosphere utterly their own.


Gettin’ inked.


There is no “secret meaning” to my new ink.

It literally means “three trees.”

Coniferous.  Among my favorites.




Adrian of Dark Art Tattoo.


Thank you Dark Art Tattoo!